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12 weeks old today ......


Today, I met this lovely little lady for the first time. She had just turned 12 weeks old. She slept just long enough for me to take a few sleepy photos, and the rest of the time, she was wide awake. The lights didn't even phase her!

Before any session, whether it be babies, young children, even adults, my head is fleeting with ideas, but when the day comes, there is only one way the session will go, and that will be determined by the model. I used to get annoyed with myself by not remembering to do a certain pose, but looking back on photos of my own, it doesn't matter, as the photo you capture is what happened on that day. Every day will be different and you can catch 'that pose' another time. Today, I forgot to introduce some pom poms into a photo, but it's ok, as i can use them on the second session, so until then, here's a sneak peek:

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