Information & Pricing


All of the sessions below can be taken indoors or outdoors, on location.  Your photos will then placed in an online private proofing gallery (approx. 30 + images, unedited) for you to then choose your selection.  


Sessions include 15 hi-resolution images (excluding Mini and Maternity) in both colour and black and white, edited and supplied as a digital download for printing and sharing.  Please add £15 to each session if you require images on USB (standard), presented in individually handmade packaging, in line with your session.  


Additional digital images, prints, wall art, USBs, etc can be obtained for an additional cost (please see Products page under Info & Pricing tab).

M i n i   S e s s i o n:   £ 6 5

It may be that you only want a couple of photographs to hang on your wall/add to albums (e.g, an update to seasonal, themed or portraits, etc).  If this is the case, I can provide shorter sessions (up to one hour), which will include 5 hi-resolution digital images of your choice. An option to buy additional images is also available.  

* Please note this session is available from 6 months old (or when baby is able to sit up unaided) *


M a t e r n i t y   S e s s i o n:   £ 6 5

Maternity sessions (up to 1 hour) are best scheduled between 32 - 36 weeks pregnant, this is the time when it will have its lovely round shape and sits slightly higher, however, each person carries differently so I would be happy to photograph your bump at any time that suits you.  These can be individual, couple and/or sibling sessions.

N a t u r a l  /  L i f e s t y l e   N e w b o r n   S e s s i o n:   £ 1 2 0

My newborn sessions do not involve any props or formal posing. I prefer to take on a more natural approach capturing first moments and bonding. If they want to curl up their little hands and lie in an awkward, but comfortable looking position, then that's where I leave them, as that is also how you will remember them. Some photos will be taken of you and your baby, not necessarily showing your own face but I find baby is more settled in your arms or next to you.  


If you are able, newborn sessions are best scheduled when the baby is 5 to 10 days old.  At this age they tend to sleep for longer and are more curled.   Sessions can take place within the comfort of your home, if you feel you want more of a lifestyle feel, or at my home studio for a more minimalist look.  Sessions can last between 2 to 3 hours to take into account feeds and nappy changes, etc.  

B u m p   a n d   a t u r a l   N e w b o r n   S e s s i o n:   £ 1 6 5

As above, if you book both maternity and newborn session together.

I n d i v i d u a l   P o r t r a i t  /  F a m i l y   o r   F r i e n d s   S e s s i o n:   £ 1 1 0 

Lifestyle portrait, family and/or friends sessions (up to six people; pets also welcome)  can be used for a special occasion, birthday celebration or just an excuse to have a fun photo shoot.   I like to use as much natural light as possible, therefore, I do find outdoor sessions more effective,  especially where children are concerned as they like nothing more than to explore natural surroundings.  I also find people forget they are being photographed and tend to feel more relaxed.   I take on a very fun approach and will get down to children's level, talking about things they like to do.  I will never ask them to pose for photos, instead I make them think they are showing me how to take photos.  They are in charge after all, aren't they?!!

I want you to make the most of your session, so bringing along personal items or change of clothing is an advantage towards creating a more memorable outcome. 

This package could also be used to make up a collection of photos for an annual family and/or portrait calendar as a gift, or just for yourself.

Please add an extra £5.00 for each additional person to take into account my editing time.

Please take a look at my What to Wear section - it gives an idea of some do's and don'ts, however, these are your photos so I want you to be comfortable.

a k e   S m a s h   S e s s i o n

Cake Smash sessions and/or First Birthday sessions can be taken before or after your child's first birthday when your child is able to sit up independently.  I only undertake cake smash sessions outdoors; these can make lovely photos within a grassy meadow, garden, or a location of your own choosing.  Cakes can be supplied by myself or you can bring your own.  First Birthday sessions (without cake) can be taken both indoor and outdoor, and can be included within the Mini Session, above. 

o m m e r c i a l

Whether you would like a small selection of new business photos and/or headshots for your website/social media, I now undertake both formal or informal sessions.   Please contact me for individual pricing.

i f t   V o u c h e r s

Gift vouchers are available for part or full payment of one of the above packages and are valid for 12 months from date of purchase.  Gift Vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash.  Please contact me via my contact page, if you would like to purchase one for a special occasion.

a y m e n t   e r m s

A 50% deposit is required at the time of booking . Remaining balance is due 7 days prior to session date.  I cover a 20 mile radius from Shrewsbury.  Please add £1.00 per mile thereafter.

Full payment for additional products will be required on ordering. 

Optional Extra:  Slideshow with a selection of your photos to your chosen music - £20