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The 'Lockdown' Bench

I haven't really paid too much attention to the benches in my own area, but since we can't currently stop and sit at the moment on our daily walks, they stood out more to me, especially this one.

I sent this photo to a friend of mine, a very talented poet, Kate Moore, and also a great rock painter, and she returned with this poem:

‘The Bench’

We are where we are, and we cannot stop

Metres from others and that is our job

Breathing in air, making it last

Walking ahead, but not too fast.

Taking in hills but concerned about resting

Thinking of the rules and the news of home testing

Feeling the freedom of being outside

Simple liberties, now a joy ride.

We see a bluebell-encrusted bench

Surrounding the seat like a circular fence

One of beauty, one of pain We cannot stop, so we move on again

We hear children laughing but we don’t stay

Because ours just wants to join in and play

We hold his hand and squeeze away

Soon, my child, but not today